Sunday, August 03, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Five

We got up early so that we could go out to the farm and catch up with everybody. Karen and Bobby, Bethany and Ben had to be on the road early to get back to Nashville, so we decided to meet and go to Cops & Donutnuts in Clare, Michigan for breakfast.

This was the sun rising above the Amish farm across the road from my Dad's place.

This is Mom and Dad's house in the morning light.

We had a nice breakfast at Cops and Doughnuts and said our sad goodbys to Dad and Mom, Karen and Bobby, and our beautiful grandkids, Bethany and Ben.
It is so beautiful in Northern Michigan. Actually, the state of Michigan is really beautiful.

We decided to take a little detour to Petosky, Michigan to see if we could find any Petosky stones on the beach. Petosky stones are actually fossilized coral from Lake Michigan. The stone  is grey when dry but you can see the fossilization when the stone is wet or when it polished. We didn't find any but we had a lot of fun trying. The kids enjoyed it.

Petosky is really beautiful. They have a great park right on Lake Michigan and that's where we took a majority of these pictures.

We got to Mackinaw City and our hotel room at the Days Inn about 4:30pm. It was not a very nice hotel. (No it wasn't as bad as the Bates Motel in Louisville, Karen) We discovered after having the air conditioner on for almost an hour that it wasn't working. They did call maintenance that confirmed it wasn't working and ripped it out and brought and installed a new one. That night we just ate dinner, checked out several episodes of the Andy Griffith show on tv and went to bed so we could get up early to go to Mackinac Island the next day.

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homeschoolmommy said...

We did find one Petosky Stone. :-)