Thursday, August 07, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Nine

After having a quick breakfast at the hotel, we got on the road at 7:45am. First destination-Mitchell, SD for the Corn Palace. This was a little disappointing, because they hadn't finished decorating the outside (which they do every year) and the inside was a major souvenir/tourist trap. It was interesting but not life changing.

We did get a letterbox in Mitchell before we left. We've gotten 16 letterboxes so far on this trip.
After we left Mitchell, we stopped at the Ed Brown Homestead just outside of Badlands National Park. This was so interesting. Our forefathers were such tough people. The Browns built their sod house into the hillside, along with a root cellar, outhouse, chicken coop and barn.

Next we entered Badlands National Park. What a beautiful place!

Our last stop for the day before we got to our hotel in Rapid City was Wall Drug. This was a really fun place. Every kind of souvenir you could possibly want. It boggled the mind!

  Another fun day had by all!

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Tealovinglady said...

I remember going there as a child! It was so much fun as I remember. They had all kinds of different little things that were relatively cheap at the time. I remember spending all my spending money for the day there on candy!