Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Seven

This morning we got up early and left the hotel by 4am. We wanted to get an early start because we were driving to the Wisconsin Dells. We also wanted to do some letterboxing along the way. This picture was taken as we crossed the Big Mac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula
of Michigan. That little dot at the top middle of the picture is the moon. We drove until we got to Manistque, Mi and stopped for breakfast  at a Big Boy. I had to take this picture of Big Boy.
We had a nice breakfast and stopped a couple of places to get out and walk and try and find some letterboxes. This is where I was looking at Lake Michigan and I could hear Canada geese honking. I kept looking and finally found them.

I just love these birds. Oh,  I know what a mess they make, but to me they are beautiful and I love to hear them honking to each other as they fly overhead. The UP of Michigan is so beautiful  and almost wild feeling. The people we encountered were just friendly, salt of the earth kind of people.
I loved this lighthouse at Manistque. This trip really has been about the journey and not so much about the destination. We really have enjoyed stopping in various places as well as getting to our destination by afternoon.

 The Welcome to Wisconsin sign and the Visitor Center.
 Here's another Canada Goose. I didn't see his mate until I took this picture and then he turned towards me and I saw her. I snapped the picture and backed away quickly.

We had a few construction detours that took us through some of the towns. We stopped in Escanaba for lunch and did some letterboxing. I took a few pictures out the car window as we passed some beautiful  farms and churches.

We got to the Wisconsin Dells at about 4:30pm and checked into our hotel. We stayed at Mt. Olympus which is a resort with 1500 hotel rooms in various buildings. It also has an indoor and outdoor water park and indoor/outdoor amusement parks. As soon as we got in our room, Kim got the kids in their suits and took off for the water park. They spent an hour there and then came back and we went to dinner. After dinner, I got in my suit and took Ryan to the water park while Kim took Heather to the amusement park. Mike came with me to watch Ryan and Kim and Heather met us there after the amusement park. We all had a great time and went back to the room to get some much needed sleep.

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