Monday, August 04, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Six

We got up early and had a continental breakfast at the hotel. The one good thing about our hotel is that the Arnold Line ferry was probably less than 50 yards from our hotel room door. Kim took these pictures while we were getting ready to go.

They were not happy at getting up early that morning!

They did get happier as the day wore on.

The weather was beautiful that morning and the water wasn't too choppy.

Here's some pictures coming into the harbor at Mackinaw Island:

Couldn't resist these wild life pictures!!

I had bought pre-paid vouchers for tickets on the Carriage Ride. For those of you that don't know transportation on the island is limited to bikes, horse drawn carriages and your lamborfeeties. I think the Governor may have a car and I think they have a fire truck. If you have limited time on the island, I highly recommend the Carriage Ride package that includes your carriage ride, entrance to the fort, entrance to the Butterfly Conservatory, and entrance to the Grand Hotel and self tour. You are able to get off the carriage and explore as long as you want at these places and then get back on the carriage to continue your tour.
Our first carriage driver. Most of these carriage drivers are college students earning money for college on their summer break. This guy had just got back from Russia from a study abroad program.
 The local post office.

The little Stone Church.

The Grand Hotel

The Governor's Mansion

Well, I guess I'm going to have to break this post into two since all of a sudden the blogger web site is not cooperating.

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