Saturday, August 02, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Three and Four

After the reunion was over, we headed up to Gladwin to stay at the Rivertown Inn for a couple of nights. We wanted to visit with Mom and Dad for a while. Karen and Bobby and Bethany and Ben where staying with Mom and Dad so that's why we went to the hotel. The farm house is just not big enough for the whole family. We ate at McDonald's and visited for a while then went back to the hotel for bed.

The next morning, while everyone went to church, I stayed in bed at the hotel because I wasn't feeling well. Jim and Carrie came up from Flushing to visit with us and the whole family went to Mr. M's for lunch. We finally went out to the farm to visit the day away.

Karen was taking this picture.

Sorry I just can't get enough of these pictures. And now for the funny ones. Do we all look alike?

I love that we got to spend some time with mom and dad and all my precious grand kids. I love them all. Loved having two of our daughters and one son-in-love there. Missed our two youngest daughters and one son-in-love. Hopefully they can all  be there the next time.

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