Friday, September 05, 2014

Giants vs Rockies

Tuesday night we got to go into Denver to Coors Field and watch the Giants and the Rockies baseball game. Our two youngest daughters sent us tickets so off we went. The game didn't start until 6:40, but we decided to go early so we could watch batting practice and have dinner at the ball park. We got there about 4pm and the gates opened at 4:30pm. We went up to the roof to find out that the restaurants didn't open until 5pm so we hung around and I took some pictures.

Angel Pagan and Hunter Pence in the dugout

The Giants going through their stretches.
Mike  and the Rockies mascot.

We had a great time at the game and hope to get to some more next year.      


SusanF said...

Who did you root for? The home team or the visitors? Going to game is way better than watching one on TV. I think.

Debbie said...

The Giants of course!