Monday, October 27, 2014

Elk Visit at McGregor Mountain Lodge Estes Park, Colorado 10-25-2014 tak...

We went up to Estes Park this past weekend for a stay at McGregor Mountain Lodge. We took one of our daughters and her family with us and had a really great time. I took this video of this elk right outside our cabin. What a thrill! It was only about 6:30am and I thought I would go out and sit on the patio with my coffee. I remembered what the innkeeper said about looking around before going outside, especially if it was dark. I looked to my left, nothing there. I looked to my right and about six feet away from the door was this big fella. I quickly woke my granddaughter up and we grabbed our cameras and started snapping away. I finally had the good sense to turn on the video portion and got this video. Hope you like it. I'll post some pictures when I get them downloaded.

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