Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pre-Diabetes and Weight Loss

In January I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It was a big shock. I went to the doctor for my physical after getting my new health insurance. I hadn't been to a regular doctor for two years. I had taken myself off my statin drug for cholesterol because I didn't like the side effects I was having. I had been off the drug for a year when I saw the doctor. I fully expected to hear the doctor say that my cholesterol was  sky high and I needed to start taking the statin drug again. Imagine my surprise when she said my cholesterol was fine but my A1C test was 6.2 which meant I had pre-diabetes. She wanted to put me on metformin but I said no. I think I went into deep denial. I said I would diet and exercise and I went home and proceeded to do nothing. I guess I really didn't believe her or I thought magical thinking would cure me. I went in for another A1C the end of April and found out my results were now 6.4.  You are considered a diabetic at 6.5. That shook me out of my complacency! I immediately started metformin and I took a diabetes education class. I cut as much sugar out of my diet as possible and got an app for my smart phone called Healthediabetes from Calorie King. I limited myself to 1200-1500 calories a day, tracked my blood sugar and started walking. I had my A1C checked  again the end of August and it was 6.1. I want to see it back in the normal range of 3.5-5.6 and to that end I've taken off 22 lbs. I have another 50 to go but I'm determined to get it off and keep it off this time. My life depends on it.

I'm not going to tell  you that I never have sweets anymore because that would be a lie. I will tell you that I allow myself a bite or two but not every day. I'm trying to live by everything in moderation and to cut out what triggers me to eat more.
One of the tools I'm using to make sure I get my exercise is a Fit Bit Flex. I wear it on my wrist 24/7 and it tracks every step I take and how I'm sleeping at night. Since I started using it, I've walked everyday and each day  I've progressed. This week I got 44,089 steps. That's great for someone that three weeks ago got 8,876 for the whole week. I'm ultimately reaching for the goal of 10,000 steps a day and I know I will get there.

Yesterday I broke down and went clothes shopping. I hate to shop for clothes but was delighted to find out I had gone down a bra size, a pants size and a  shirt size. Yippee. I think I'm going  to save for a nice pair of cowgirl boots next!

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