Sunday, August 09, 2015

Road Trip 2015

We took a road trip this summer from June 26th-July 16th. We were able to take our lovely granddaughter, Heather, with us and had a great time with her. While we were on our road trip, we visited many quilt shops because the Row by Row Experience shop hop was going on. The premise of this shop hop was to go into at least 8 different quilt shops and collect a free pattern for their row. They also had kits available for purchase and fabric license plates from each shop.

Our first day on the road was a long one. We drove from Fort Collins, Colorado to Des Moines, Iowa.
Here's a few pictures from our first day.

 Heather enjoyed the Trading Post.

This is one of the quilt shops that I stopped at the first day. We arrived late at our hotel so we went right to bed because we had a long drive to Michigan the next day.

Day Two: We got up early and got on the road because I wanted to stop at several quilt shops before we got to Michigan. The owner of this quilt shop, opened two hours early so that I could get her row kit. She was so nice.

Cotton Creek Mill is in West Branch, Iowa. It's a small town that has the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. I loved this shop and the owner was so gracious. After we left her shop, drove to La Salle, Illinois and picked up another kit from their quilt shop. We also had lunch and a very nice restaurant across the street.
We got to Michigan in the late afternoon and didn't stop at any shops because I wanted to be at my brother's house before dark.
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